His Fiancée Dumped Him At His Friend’s Wedding, And Then He Had To Give His Best Man Speech

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This 31-year-old man proposed to his 32-year-old fiancée after a year of dating, and pretty recently, they attended a wedding together.

He was asked to be the best man at this wedding, which was for one of his very good friends. He did have a ton of responsibilities, given his role, and he had to do a lot to prepare.

The groom even sent out an itinerary for all the groomsmen that broke down everything in the weeks before the wedding.

It outlined the whole rehearsal dinner, as well as what would be expected on the day of the wedding and the day after.

He, in turn, let his fiancée know about everything, as she was invited to be included in the rehearsal dinner.

His fiancée informed him that she would not be attending, as she thought the rehearsal dinner should be reserved for the closest friends and family members, which she was not a part of.

He didn’t agree with her, but he didn’t want to push and make her upset. He did ask a couple of days later if she had a change of heart, but she still had no interest in going to the rehearsal dinner.

When the day of the rehearsal dinner rolled around, he was working from home while rushing to get things completed.

He had to pack, and he had to finish up his speech as the best man. He then left to go to the hotel, where he was booked to stay for two nights, and he finished his final meeting for work there.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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