His Husband Buttered Their Bathroom Floor As A Prank And Recorded Him Falling To “Go Viral” Online, But Now He’s Considering A Divorce Over This

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Three weeks ago, on a Monday morning, this 29-year-old got out of bed at 6 a.m. to get ready for work.

He took a shower, and everything was normal until he tried to step out of the shower. Immediately, he slipped and fell onto the floor, which was slippery and greasy.

Once he fell, his 32-year-old husband ran out of their bedroom holding a camera, filming the entire thing while laughing hysterically.

“I wanted an explanation, and he said it was just a prank. He had spread butter on the floor for me to fall down because his brilliant friends thought it was a great idea to play pranks on their spouses to post them online and ‘go viral’ (one of the idiots even pushed his pregnant wife into a pool,” he said.

This stunned him into silence, and he felt self-conscious and unsafe. He thought about how his husband should support him, not mock him.

After getting up and leaving the bathroom, he didn’t fight with his husband or speak to him at all. Instead, he finished getting ready to leave.

“He even told me (before leaving), ‘You might be angry now, but I promise, I will compensate you tonight.’ Throughout the day, I started analyzing the event, and I found it childish, disrespectful, and blatantly stupid,” he explained.

“I mean, thank heavens, nothing terrible happened, but what if I hadn’t grabbed the curtain and my head or neck had hit the bathtub? I could be dead, and I’m not joking. A severe head injury can be life-threatening.”

He would never dream of humiliating or potentially harming his husband like that because he has respect for him, deeply loves him, and cares for him.

2mmedia – – illustrative purposes only

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