His Wife Wouldn’t Help Remodel Their Attic, Saying It Was A “Man’s Job,” So When She Asked For Help Doing Laundry, He Told Her That Was “Women’s Work”

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This guy and his wife have been married for a decade, and throughout their marriage, they’ve always split household chores equally. That used to work great for them, too.

But, just last month, they decided to remodel their attic to create a “bonus room” for their children.

“My dad was a carpenter by trade, and while I am by no means an expert, I knew enough that I was fairly confident that we could do it on our own,” he recalled.

So, he began working on the project most nights after work, as well as on the weekends. And so far, the remodel has been going very smoothly.

However, his wife has not agreed to help him out once. According to him, every single time he asks for assistance, she just claims that she cannot pitch in because she doesn’t know how to help.

“But I’ve told her repeatedly that I don’t need help with anything challenging, and mostly, it’s just an extra pair of hands that would help me in most cases,” he explained.

Despite that, his wife never said yes to helping him out. And after he asked her for a hand again last night, and she declined, the whole situation came to a head.

In response to his request, his wife just replied, “That kind of stuff is a man’s job. I wouldn’t be any use.”

Now, he admitted that her remark really upset him since, on top of the remodel, he’s also been completing his half of the household chores.

InsideCreativeHouse – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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