Last Christmas, Her Cousin’s Boyfriend Proposed With A Ring Baked Inside A Cookie That His Ex Made

Daria - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Are you dreading the idea of spending the holidays with your family because of annoying cousins and snide but subtle comments from disapproving aunts that target your character? Well, get ready to be grateful for it all.

If you’re wondering why you should appreciate such unpleasant events, TikToker Daniella (@daniellahollywood) is detailing a story about a failed marriage proposal between her cousin and her boyfriend that occurred during a family holiday gathering one year ago. It just goes to show that what you think is bad could always be worse.

Last Christmas, her cousin’s boyfriend tried to propose to her cousin by giving her a cookie with a ring baked inside it.

The idea was that she would eat the cookie and discover the ring. But when she took a bite, she immediately had a severe allergic reaction and didn’t get the chance to see the ring.

The cookie contained peanuts, and she was allergic to them. Emergency medical assistance was called to the house in order to save her life.

Daniella’s cousin was confused as to why there had been peanuts in the cookie in the first place since her boyfriend knew that she was allergic to them.

The next morning, his phone started buzzing with notifications. When she checked it, she saw that they were all text messages from his ex-girlfriend.

It turned out his ex had baked the cookies for him as a gift and didn’t know that she wasn’t supposed to put peanuts in them.

Because the whole situation had been an actual medical emergency, he had to tell Daniella’s cousin exactly where the cookies came from.

Daria – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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