She Called A Bride On Her Wedding Day And Revealed That The Groom Had Been Trying To Hook Up With Her

Plus, their relationship would have had to be long-distance since they lived in different districts, and neither of them was living on campus at the college they were attending.

A couple of days ago, she was on WhatsApp and saw that one of her friends made a post with a photo of invitations to two different couples’ weddings.

One of the invitations was to Tim and Sally’s wedding, and before this, she’d had no idea the two of them had been engaged or that Tim was in a relationship at all in the first place.

“I felt uneasy. I asked my friends for advice. One said to let it go and let them be, but to me, it felt like witnessing a murder and doing nothing about it,” she explained.

Throughout the rest of the night, she tried to track down Sally’s phone number so that she could call her and let her know that Tim had been hitting on her.

She also texted Tim and called him out for his gross behavior, and when she went to bed, he hadn’t responded yet.

In the morning, she looked at her phone and saw that Tim had texted her back.

He told her that she may think he was a liar, and no matter what he says, it’ll seem like he’s trying to excuse and rationalize his actions with more lies.

Continuing, he said that it was tough for him to explain himself and get her to see his perspective, and he told her he’d leave her alone unless she was open to talking more and hearing his side of the situation.

She didn’t text him back and didn’t think there was anything else to say to a shady man like that.

“I did get Sally’s number, though, but when I texted her and sent her images of his confession to me, she was offline, probably preparing for the wedding. So, I called her and explained to her,” she shared.

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