She Created Cake Therapy, A Foundation That Works Hard To Bring Peace And Therapeutic Experiences To Young Women, One Baking Lesson At A Time

Olha Afanasieva - - illustrative purposes only

While some people may get stressed out by the idea of baking, there are so many others who find it relaxing, stress-relieving, and even therapeutic.

One organization is working hard to bring peace and therapeutic experiences to young women going through a hard time, one baking lesson at a time via ‘cake therapy.’

Cake Therapy is a foundation that has been “baking with a purpose” and bringing the benefits of baking to young women who have been through the wringer and are in need of a creative and fun outlet.

Dr. Altreisha Foster, the CEO and founder of Cake Therapy, was born in Jamaica and is currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Not only has she done tremendous work in public health and vaccine science, but she’s also a baking extraordinaire and owns a baking and dessert company, Sugarspoon Desserts.

Dr. Foster has also written a book titled “Cake Therapy: How Baking Changed My Life” where she explains how the art of baking helped her heal from trauma and overcome hardships in her life.

Now, Dr. Foster, her husband, Dr. Oladi Bentho, and an impressive board of directors are working for the Cake Therapy nonprofit, hoping to help young women do the same.

The Cake Therapy Foundation particularly works to serve young women who have been dealt a bad hand by the justice system, in and out of foster care, and those who are working to recover from harmful experiences.

“Whenever one bakes, they have the ability to feel freer, more vulnerable, honest and ready to connect,” is written on the Cake Therapy Foundation’s website.

Olha Afanasieva – – illustrative purposes only

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