She Just Found Out Her Husband Has Two Kids He Never Told Her About And Plans To Fight For More Custody, But She’s Threatening To Divorce Her Husband If He Does It

Apparently, her husband has been regularly paying child support, too. But the main reason why he opted to tell her the truth was that his child support payments began dipping into his “fun money.”

So, her husband got a little jealous and wanted to be able to have more fun like she did. That’s why he not only came clean about having kids but also revealed that he would be fighting for split custody!

“I was furious he had lied to me and was even more angry when he told me he wanted 50/50 custody,” she recalled.

Her husband already works very long shifts– ranging from 12 to 16-hour days– as a nurse. And if he was awarded more custody, then she would have to stay home and take care of his kids whenever she was off or working from home. She’s not on board with that, either. So, she actually told her husband that if he decides to fight for more custody, then she will divorce him.

“We have a prenup, so a divorce will be rather simple,” she reasoned.

“I get 100% of my business, all of my savings and fun money, and the house, as I inherited it from my grandmother.”

Her husband thought she was overreacting, though, and accused her of being a jerk. He also claimed she should “step up” in order to help him have more “fun money” in his savings account.

Lastly, her husband argued that the kids wouldn’t be a huge hassle since they were older. Quite frankly, though, she doesn’t care about that. So now, she’s really considering ending their marriage if her husband fights for split custody, but she’s not entirely sure that would be the right thing to do or not.

How would you feel if your spouse hid the fact that they had kids from you? Does she have a right not to want to take on any childcare responsibilities after she made it clear that she never wanted kids? Do you think she should divorce her husband or not? What would you do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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