She Made The Decision Not To Invite Her Stepsister To Her Wedding Due To How Terribly She Treated Her When They Were Kids

Vasil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

You know when you get an apology from someone that comes in a little too late, making it obvious that they’re only apologizing to you to try and get something they want?

One woman recently made the decision not to invite her stepsister to her wedding because of how terribly she treated her during their childhood. But after stepsister sent her an overdue apology, she’s wondering if she should change her mind.

She’s 22-years-old and getting married to her fiancé, whom she’s been with for eight years, this upcoming Valentine’s Day. She’s invited just about all of her family members to her wedding except one – her stepsister.

When she was 15, it was discovered that her dad had been having an affair with another woman for years. After her parents split, her dad moved in with his mistress, who had a daughter her age. They became stepsisters not much later.

She never has had a good relationship with her stepsister. Although she didn’t have much interest in bonding with her because she was upset about the situation with her dad’s cheating, her stepsister would flat-out bully her.

For instance, her stepsister has called her mom racial slurs and has even tried sending explicit photos of herself to her fiancé. All of the torment her stepsister put her through over the years prevented them from having any sort of close relationship.

“When we sent out our invites, me and my fiancé decided not to include her,” she said.

“This set my dad off as he thinks this all should have been put in the past a long time ago. He thinks that I am being petty and still resenting her for ‘just being a normal teenager.’ We had a big argument where he told me that if she can’t come, he and his wife wouldn’t either.”

Later, her stepsister texted her a long overdue apology, saying she was sorry for how she behaved during their childhood years, that she’s been in therapy to work on herself, and that she wants to see her only sister get married.

Vasil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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