She Was Given Her Grandmother’s Wedding Dress, But Her Mom Ruined The Gown

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In 2021, when this woman was 16-years-old, her parents kicked her out of the house. Before leaving, she packed a few bags and went to her best friend’s house, where she lived with him, 16, and his parents.

Before she was kicked out of her parents’ house, she had been given her grandmother’s wedding dress, and she planned to wear it on her own wedding day.

“Once I was kicked out, my mother and sister raided my room for what they wanted before I came back to collect the rest of my things. I did notice this at the time but didn’t have the mental energy to fight about it. The wedding dress was one of those items taken from me,” she said.

When she inquired about her grandmother’s wedding dress, her mother claimed that she didn’t want her to bring the dress to her best friend’s house because his family didn’t keep their front door locked, so she was concerned that the dress could be stolen or tampered with.

Her mother then told her that she would clean the dress and keep it safe in a box, adding that she shouldn’t be able to take the dress because it was a “‘family heirloom.'”

Yesterday, after arguing with her mother about it for two years straight, she finally was able to get the dress back in her possession.

“The threat of police and courts caused her to finally fold. She doesn’t want legal trouble, as it would make her perfect image crumble in front of her. I had to go to my grandmother to get a recording of her stating it was mine,” she explained.

Her grandmother is 92-years-old, and she doesn’t have the best memory anymore.

However, she still recalled that she wanted her to have her wedding dress two years ago, even being able to recall all of the small details of the day when she gave her the dress.

mirage_studio – – illustrative purposes only

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