She’s Showing You How To Make Just $10 Worth Of Food Last For Three Whole Days Using Dollar Store Grocery Finds

Alexandr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many of us living in the United States have noticed groceries and food costs getting more expensive these days.

Families nationwide are finding new ways to feed themselves on a budget, getting creative with cheaper, non-perishable foods.

One Virginia-based TikTok creator has become well-known on the app for purchasing groceries at the Dollar Tree and creating useful recipes and meal-prepping hacks for those looking to spend less on their monthly food budgets.

Rebecca is the woman behind the viral TikTok account and YouTube channel Dollar Tree Dinners (@dollartreedinners), and over the summer, she showed her viewers how to make $10 worth of Dollar Tree groceries last over three days. Here’s how she did it!

Rebecca headed over to her local Dollar Tree, which has a large grocery section and purchased a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, smoked sausage, a bag of frozen broccoli, a packet of cheddar broccoli rice, a package of refried beans, a packet of Spanish rice, and a package of flour tortillas. Her total, including tax, was $10.10, and each item cost $1.25.

To make her recipes in this video extra accessible, Rebecca made each meal in one skillet for those who can only access very small kitchens or hot plates.

For three days, Rebecca made TikTok-style omelette sandwiches for breakfast using three eggs and two slices of bread per sandwich.

“Scramble three eggs with a splash of water, [and add] salt and pepper to taste,” wrote Rebecca in her caption.

“Oil a skillet lightly and preheat [it] on medium-low. Pour in [your] eggs and add two slices of bread on top. Flip [the] bread, so it’s coated in egg on both sides. Cover and cook on medium-low until [the] eggs are set. Flip the entire thing at once, fold over extra eggs onto [the] bread slices, and then fold [the] bread onto itself to make a sandwich. Toast [the sandwich] on both sides until golden brown.”

Alexandr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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