He Didn’t Tip His Waitress During A Date With His Girlfriend After Realizing She Was The Same Customer Who Didn’t Tip Him When He Delivered An Uber Eats Order To Her Apartment

hedgehog94 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man is an Uber Eats delivery driver in Seattle. Recently, a new law went into effect that mandated a minimum wage for Uber drivers and other companies like it.

Because of this, Uber changed their app significantly, including removing tipping ahead of time and only allowing customers to provide a tip after their order was delivered.

Since this particular change, hardly any customers tip at all, but Uber pays more per order because of the minimum wage law.

A week ago, he was doing deliveries for the first time since the changes to the Uber Eats app. He did 17 deliveries total, and only one person left him a tip, and they tipped $3. One of the customers he delivered food to lived in an apartment complex.

“The customer requested to meet outside the building. I parked right outside the entrance and messaged the customer that I had arrived and that I was inside my car,” he said.

After no reply for six minutes, the customer finally came out of her building to pick up her delivery from him, and she didn’t leave him a tip.

Coincidentally, when he and his girlfriend went out for dinner a few days later, this particular customer was their waitress.

When she walked over to their table, it was obvious when she looked at him that she recognized him as her Uber Eats delivery driver. Once she walked off, he explained the story to his girlfriend.

“She suggested that we shouldn’t tip her either, and I agreed. The dinner went fine, and there wasn’t anything wrong with the service,” he explained.

hedgehog94 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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