She Was Asked To Wait To Get Pregnant Until After Her Sister’s Wedding Because Her Sister Wants Her To Drink And “Be Fun” At The Event, But She Just Thinks It’s Unfair

Forewer - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has been married to her husband for nearly four years, but for the last two years, she has been a full-time student working to get her career “on track.”

Now, though, she is finally wrapping up the end of her last semester. That’s why she and her husband want to start their family and begin trying to have a baby at the end of this year.

However, her sister’s boyfriend is also planning to propose to her sister in the spring.

“Which isn’t a surprise to my sister because she’s been pushing him towards that idea,” she said.

Instead, the real issue is that, following the engagement, her sister is projecting to have the wedding in March of 2025 and really doesn’t want her to be pregnant at the event. So, her sister actually asked her to delay her plans to have kids until after the nuptials!

In response to that, she flat-out told her sister “no” and explained the timeline she plans to follow in order to start her family.

“My plan is to stop drinking and start prenatal this summer so that we can start trying in November,” she explained.

Well, her sister became super upset after hearing that– mainly because she won’t be able to drink with her sister at the reception. On top of that, one of their mutual friends also claimed that “no one wants a pregnant maid of honor” at their wedding since she will likely take on that role at her sister’s ceremony.

Still, in her mind, she wouldn’t even “show” at her sister’s wedding even if she did get pregnant within the first month of trying for a baby.

Forewer – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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