She Wouldn’t Let Her Little Sister Wear Her Prom Dress Because It Had Sentimental Value, Yet Her Family Went Behind Her Back And Allowed Her Sister To Use It Anyway

Dragosh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many women consider certain articles of clothing sacred, like prom and wedding dresses. They’re sacred in the sense that they’re only meant to be worn once by her and not shared with anyone else except for maybe their future daughter.

One young woman recently told her younger sister she couldn’t wear her old prom dress because of its sentimental value and was very upset when she found out her family told her sister she could wear it anyway.

She’s 25-years-old and attended her Senior prom in 2017. When it was time for her to attend prom, her family wasn’t doing well financially, and she ended up having to buy her dress on her own. She worked hard and saved money for over a year to spend around $300 on her dream dress and jewelry. 

“I had an amazing time, and that dress is very important to me since I have never had the best self-confidence, and it made me feel beautiful,” she said.

Today, she’s a student living three hours away from her family and childhood home. She doesn’t have a car, so she doesn’t get to visit her family that often.

She has an 18-year-old sister named Annie who is getting ready to attend her Senior prom and recently asked her if she could wear her prom dress, which was still at their house.

“I told her I would prefer if she didn’t [wear it] since it is so important to me,” she recalled.

“[Annie] said okay and that she wanted to [at least] ask, but she was fine with finding another dress. I said I’d help pay [for it] if she wanted.”

Annie seemed enthusiastic about her idea and proposed that they go prom dress shopping together. Not long after her and Annie’s talk, she traveled home for a relative’s baptism.

Dragosh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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