A Guy Asked Her Out To Dinner, But Took Her To A Club And Dropped $2,000 On A Table, Before Inviting His Friends To Join Them

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TikToker Marina Neuman (@marina.neuman) is talking about a time when a guy took her to a club for their first date.

She met this guy at a beach club in Miami. It was their first time meeting, and they had a ton of mutual friends.

That same day, he asked her if she wanted to get dinner together, to which she agreed. By the time he picked her up from her place, she was pretty hungry.

There were a lot of high-end restaurants around the area that either turned into a club after a certain time or had a club on a different floor of the building. At the spot they were headed to, the club and the restaurant were separated.

He informed her that some of his friends would be at the club, and they could meet up with them after eating.

But when they reached the restaurant, the hostess led them to a table in the club. The table was next to the DJ booth, and the strobe lights were flashing rapidly.

Since the club was so loud, Marina had to scream at him in order to be heard. She told him she thought they were going to dinner first.

He responded that she could get dinner in the club. However, the club had a limited menu, and it was late, so the options were even fewer. Marina tried to keep a positive attitude.

“I wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt like maybe he just really couldn’t get a table upstairs, and this is him making the best of the situation, so I’m going to, too. I’m not going to be rude,” said Marina.

Gecko Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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