Her Best Friend Keeps Expecting Girlfriend Treatment From Her Boyfriend, Like Getting Gifts And Having Manicures Paid For, And It’s Really Starting To Upset Her

deniskomarov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman currently has a boyfriend, who is also 25. And for the past year, they have both been living in an apartment with her 23-year-old best friend.

She believes that her relationship has been great throughout this time, too, and she feels “blessed” that her boyfriend’s love languages are acts of service and gift-giving.

“So he’s always showering me with gifts and doing things around the house for me, such as cooking me meals and whatnot,” she said.

However, it’s starting to seem like her best friend also expects the same treatment from her boyfriend. Apparently, her friend will make strange comments to her boyfriend about two or three times a week, asking when he’s going to buy her gifts or pay for manicures. For context, her boyfriend always pays when she gets her nails done every other week.

According to her, her friend isn’t joking, either, and the remarks are starting to really get on her nerves. Just the other day, for instance, her boyfriend went into the city. But, before he left, her best friend started talking in a “baby voice” and asked him, “Can you get me a snack?”

Then, whenever her boyfriend randomly gives her money, her best friend will start badgering her boyfriend– asking when she’s going to get some funds, too.

“I thought she was joking, but this behavior is repetitive, and it’s frustrating me quite a bit,” she explained.

“I feel as though my friend believes she is entitled to the same treatment I receive when, at the end of the day, he’s my boyfriend.”

On another occasion, she and her boyfriend decided to go grocery shopping since he planned to cook her a romantic dinner. Well, rather than taking the hint, her best friend insisted on tagging along.

deniskomarov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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