Her Best Friend Suddenly Can’t Attend Her Destination Wedding And Claimed It Wasn’t Affordable, But Her Friend Is Still Going On An Extended Trip To South Africa, So She Wants To Cut Off Their Relationship

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This woman’s wedding is in May. She currently lives in Ireland, but she’s originally from Canada. Her best friend, whom she met at the company they both were working for, coincidentally was also from Canada. They met a little while after her best friend moved to Ireland.

Over the past six years, they’ve had a close bond and spent all of their time together. When she first met her now-fiancé, her friend was so thrilled for her, and she could not be happier for her when her fiancé proposed.

Since she and her fiancé live far away from her family, their wedding will occur in her Canadian hometown. Because they’d be having a destination wedding, she and her fiancé accepted that some of the guests they invited might be unable to make the trip.

With more than a year and a half to go until they got married, she asked her best friend if she would be her maid of honor and travel to Canada for the wedding, and her friend happily accepted the role.

In early January, her friend told her she could no longer attend the wedding. She said that her sister’s 35th birthday is in June, and she was hoping to bring her boyfriend (whom she’d been dating for two months) for a visit so that they could celebrate her sister’s birthday and she could introduce her boyfriend to her family.

Her friend explained that she didn’t have the money to spend on two back-to-back vacations in one year. In addition, her friend said that she didn’t have enough vacation time for both a two-week visit for her sister’s birthday and several days for the wedding.

Understandably, she was devastated by this, but she did her best to accept the news with the hope that her hurt feelings would only be temporary.

“Fast forward a month (two days ago), and she tells me that she’s getting to Canada literally 9 days after my wedding takes place and is so excited for summer. Her sister wants to extend her birthday celebrations, and they are going on a trip to South Africa for all of August,” she said.

Between these two vacations, her friend would come back to Ireland for a bit. When her friend told her about her summer travel plans, she was upset, acknowledging that her friend would be coming to Canada less than two weeks after her wedding.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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