Her Fiancé Flaunted His Wealth In Front Of Their Friends And Claimed She Wouldn’t Have Nice Things Without Him, So She Said She Didn’t Need Him Or His Money

She responded that she didn’t need to rely on him or the presents he bought her. Her fiancé was visibly uneasy, and he told her that wasn’t what he’d meant before changing the topic. James and Naomi were staring at them and obviously uncomfortable.

Once they left, her fiancé told her she humiliated him and that she shouldn’t reacted the way she did because, according to him, she didn’t understand his comment in its full context.

He thought she made him look like a moron. She said that if he hadn’t been trying to impress Naomi by bragging about his money, they wouldn’t be having this argument. After their fight, her fiancé gave her the cold shoulder.

What advice would you give her?

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