Her Mom Invaded Her Personal Space And Ruined Her Brand New Bed Sheets After She Asked Her Mom To Leave Them Alone, Yet She Just Got Called Ungrateful For Being Upset

Rostislav Sedlacek - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you live with your parents past a certain age, it becomes harder and harder not to butt heads with them. 

One young woman who lives with her parents while attending school recently fought with her mom, who ruined her bed sheets after she asked her not to.

She’s 21-years-old and is taking online college courses virtually. She is currently living with her parents, which has been alright, except for the fact that she and her mom often bicker.

Her mom has a hard time seeing her as an adult and bosses her around like she’s still a child. She also has issues with the way her mom doesn’t respect her personal space and items. Recently, she snapped at her mom after she did something she asked her not to do, and it’s made things around the house quite uncomfortable.

“I had just gotten myself a new bed set [with] sheets, pillows, and a duvet,” she explained.

“I had just enough time before leaving for a weekend trip to go ahead and put the set on my bed. After I was done, my mother passed by my room on her way to do laundry. She told me that if I wanted her to, she would wash it all for me if I took it off my bed for her. I don’t like the way she washes things. She uses these scent beads that smell way too intense for me.”

Her mom kept telling her she should let her wash the bedding, and she stood her ground, telling her mom she’d wash it herself when she got back from her trip. She told her mom ‘no’ at least three times and never stripped her bed, hoping that would be the end of it. 

However, when she returned from her trip, her mother was very proud of herself as she told her she went ahead and washed the sheets and re-made her bed. She was so mad, as not only did her mom not take ‘no’ for an answer, but she also went into her room and messed with the bedding without her permission.

Not trying to cause a fight, she hardly said anything at that moment. However, when it was time for bed, she peeled back the bedding and smelt the intense scented beads, which her mom knew she didn’t like. To make matters worse, the sheets were also covered in weird, oily stains, which she assumed had been left behind by the beads.

Rostislav Sedlacek – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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