Seeing His Cheating Ex-Wife In The Grocery Store Was Incredibly Painful For Him, Even Though He’s Now Married To Her Affair Partner’s Former Wife

On Sunday, he made the trip to this grocery store to buy the rolls, and he figured that since it was the weekend, his ex-wife couldn’t possibly be in the area.

Unfortunately, his plan to pick up the rolls in peace was foiled, as his ex-wife happened to be in the grocery store at the same time as him.

“I saw her while I was shopping there, and despite not speaking to her and her possibly not even seeing me, just seeing her was really painful and [messed] up my day,” he said.

“There was no love lost between us, but there was a lot of respect and friendship lost, and her cheating on me was very, very painful, though I suppose without it, I might not have ever married my current wife, who is my soulmate.”

“[It] still doesn’t really take the pain away from seeing my ex-wife, though. I should have just made an Amazon Prime account and ordered those rolls.”

What advice do you have for him?

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