She’s Trying To Make Her Boyfriend Start A Family And Settle Down, But She’s Scared He Never Will Want This

annanahabed - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Four years ago, this 33-year-old woman began dating her boyfriend, who is the same exact age as her.

All along, she has told her boyfriend that she intends to start a family and settle down, and he has confirmed that they are on the same page.

However, she’s beginning to doubt that they are, and she’s scared her boyfriend will never want this, even though she’s trying to make him settle down soon.

She can’t tell if he wasn’t being honest with her or if he just doesn’t know what it is he wants out of life, but any time they do discuss having children in the future, her boyfriend acts like it’s going to be some kind of ball and chain for him.

“The only time he’s really ever brought up kids was when we were at a restaurant, and he asked me if I thought we would be able to live the same lifestyle after we have kids (he likes living luxurious, fine dining, vacations, etc.),” she explained.

“He tells me that it’s important to maintain our lifestyle after we have kids (date nights, going away by ourselves…).”

“He says things like when we have kids, maybe your mom and my mom can look after them when we go away.”

Her boyfriend will often mention that he sees his own sister with her kids and recognizes it’s an enormous amount of work being a parent.

Her boyfriend loves the kids they have in their life, like his nephews, her nieces, and the kids her friends have.

annanahabed – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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