When Applied Properly, Red Eyeshadow Can Add A Pop Of Glamour That Makes You Feel Bold, Powerful And Confident

svetography - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For those of us who love to put on full faces of makeup that includes eye shadow, many of us feel better when we stay within our comfort zones.

For instance, with makeup, my ‘comfort zone’ consists of an eye shadow look made of neutral colors like several shades of brown and beige with the occasional shimmery gold.

I know a lot of friends who feel the same way. Once they find their perfect neutral eye shadow look for everyday wear and can apply it easily, it’s hard to be inspired to try anything else.

However, we’ve entered a new year, and it’s a great excuse to strive to be a little more creative and experimental with your makeup.

While some are reviving blue eye shadow these days, what if you walked on the wild side and tried wearing some red eye shadow?

When some people think of wearing red eye shadow, they often cringe, as when it’s not applied in a great way, it can look like you have pink eye or got punched in the eye.

However, there are ways to make eye shadow look amazing, and when applied correctly, it’ll have you feeling confident and powerful.

You can use two popular methods to create a great red eye shadow look. One is by pairing it with black eye shadow to create a stunning smokey eye look. The other is by only using red eye shadows to give your eyes a more firey look.

To create a black and red smokey eye, you first lay down some neutral beige colors to your eyelids, followed by a soft red color in your crease and the outer corners of your eyes. Then, take your favorite black shadow and gently apply it to your eyelids. Next, grab a blending brush and blend away until you have a gorgeous red and black smokey eye.

svetography – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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