A Guy Catfished Her And Tried To Lure Her Out To A Random Location For Their Date

He claimed that they couldn’t reschedule because he had already made a reservation, and if he canceled it, his credit card would get charged.

Addy navigated to the bar’s website and found that the bar did not require you to provide your credit card information to make a reservation.

All you needed to do was fill out your name. Something wasn’t adding up, so she decided to do a reverse image search of his pictures.

It turned out that all the pictures from his dating profile belonged to a fitness gym model based in Germany.

So, not only did he try to lure her out to a random location and lie about the reservation, but he was also a catfish and stole someone else’s identity.

She took screenshots of the fitness model’s profile and sent them to him. Then, she reported him on the dating app and blocked his phone number.

Addy isn’t sure what would’ve happened if she had gone on the date, but she suspected it would’ve been the last day anyone saw her alive.


I have all the receipts too. gonna reverse image search every guy before i go on a date from now on #fyp #fy #storytime #dategonewrong #datinghorrorstory #dating #baddate #firstdate

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