He Bought Flowers For His Wife At The Grocery Store, But She Complained It Wasn’t Thoughtful

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Have you ever tried to perform a kind gesture for a friend or partner that went sideways?

One man bought flowers for his wife while they were on a grocery run together, and she ended up disappointed in him.

He’s 28 and has a 26-year-old wife. A few days ago, they were at the grocery store together. They went separate ways to get different items at one point, and he stumbled upon the flowers section.

He decided to pick up two bouquets, one for his wife and one for her mom, who had been living with them and going through a hard time.

When he met up with his wife again, she asked who the bouquets were for, and he explained that one was for her mom and one was for her. After they got home, his wife placed her bouquet on their dining table, leaving it wrapped up.

A few days passed, and they sat on the table untouched until his mother-in-law put the flowers in water for his wife but didn’t take them out of their wrapper.

After three days went by without his wife paying any mind to the flowers, he decided to ask if something was wrong.

“She said she doesn’t feel connected to them because they’re ‘not thoughtful’ [as] I got them for her while we there together,” he recalled.

“She said if I would’ve put thought behind it, I would’ve made it special by getting said flowers another time while we weren’t together shopping for groceries.”

ehaurylik – – illustrative purposes only

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