He Found Out His Wife Was Having An Affair Two Years Ago, But He Never Confronted Her About It Because He Simply Didn’t Care, And Now His Wife Is Furious At Him For Being So Indifferent

Petro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 29-year-old man and his wife, 29, have been married for five years and together for seven years. They don’t have children, and he’s been working remotely since the pandemic started. His wife has been working as a secretary in a big office building.

Unfortunately, his wife has been cheating on him for two years, and he’s known about it since nearly the beginning of the affair. While he acknowledged that their marriage wasn’t perfect before his wife started cheating, he was still shocked by her behavior.

“I was totally complacent in my life and really wasn’t putting much effort into our relationship at all. That doesn’t excuse what she did, and she had her own issues with romance and communication that led us to where we were then. I just want to make it clear that I’m no saint in all of this,” he said.

Leading up to his wife’s cheating, in his view, they acted like roommates who hooked up sometimes. All of his and his wife’s accounts are synced on all of the electronic devices in their home, including the computer he uses for work.

Their email accounts, text messaging, and social media accounts are all synced. Because of this, he was able to read the messages his wife was sending to the person she was having an affair with constantly. A month into his wife’s affair, which started off as an emotional affair, became physical.

“The part that told me this was over, though, was that I felt nothing about this. I was totally indifferent, maybe a little embarrassed at worst. When the physical affair started two years ago, I recognized this marriage was dead and that I should just divorce, mostly because I felt nothing,” he explained.

Eventually, he began researching divorce lawyers and hoped for their divorce to be simple and civil. He noticed that right when the affair started, before it became physical, his wife acted slightly less depressed than usual. The weekend after she started hooking up with her affair partner, his wife walked into his home office and asked if he’d want to have a picnic and go on a hike.

At first, he wondered if he should take this opportunity to tell her he knew she’d been cheating. But he chose not to and wondered if she would tell him the truth on her own and suggest they divorce.

However, they had a fun, wonderful day together, and his wife didn’t mention anything about her affair. He brushed it off and thought they were having one more beautiful day together before their eventual divorce.

Petro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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