He Shaved His Head Since He Was Dealing With Scalp Issues, But His Wife Said He Looks Weird And Is Angry That He Didn’t Ask For Her Opinion First

master1305 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 29-year-old guy is currently married to his wife, who is 30. But ever since he randomly decided to shave his head last week, his wife has been really upset.

For some context, he had been dealing with a few different scalp issues. Apparently, he had an issue with dandruff and would get an itchy scalp all the time – which he never actually told his wife about.

So, he just decided to go to the barber to get his head shaved last week, and when he got home, his wife was super shocked.

“I told her the reason, and she said, ‘Why did you not tell me first and get my opinion?!” he recalled.

At that point, he asked why he even needed to get her opinion before getting a new haircut. However, his wife didn’t respond to that. All she said was that he “looked weird.” And honestly, he agreed.

Still, his wife just kept going – telling him that she just couldn’t look at him the same way anymore. This pushed him to ask if she found him less attractive with a shaved head, and she just said, “Kinda.”

“I told her, ‘Opinion received, but we both need to get used to it for a while,'” he said.

Well, ever since then, his wife still hasn’t been able to drop the topic of his new haircut. Rather, she keeps bringing up his appearance, and it’s really starting to get on his nerves.

That’s why he finally decided to put his foot down and told his wife that she needed to “just get over it.” He also pointed out how he shaved his head because it was more comfortable and it was what he wanted.

master1305 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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