Her Dad And Stepmom Kept Pressuring Her To Pierce Her Young Daughter’s Ears And Even Got Her Daughter A Pair Of Earrings For Her Birthday, So She Told Them To Stop Obsessing Over Her Daughter And That She’d Be Exchanging The Gift

Piman Khrutmuang - - illustrative purposes only

If you’re a parent, have your parents or other relatives ever given your child something you specifically told them not to get for them?

One woman recently told her parents she was going to exchange the present they got for her five-year-old daughter because she had explicitly told them she wasn’t ready for it yet several times.

She and her husband have a daughter who’s about to turn five. Since they had a trip planned around then, they decided to have her birthday party early. 

Her daughter opened many gifts at her party, mostly consisting of kid’s toys. She and her husband helped open a few gifts for her, like random jewelry and clothes from the family that their daughter didn’t seem to care for.

One of those gifts was a pair of earrings from her dad and stepmom.

“My daughter’s ears aren’t pierced,” she explained.

“We didn’t pierce them when she was born, nor do we intend to do so anytime soon. We want to let her decide whether she wants to, [but] she’s never expressed any interest. So, me and my husband already knew we’d be exchanging the earrings. Usually, we don’t tell people we’re exchanging a gift they bought for us. This time is different.”

She knew she wanted to let her dad and stepmom know they’d be exchanging the earrings because it’s been a debate topic for a while. Since her daughter was born, her stepmom has been bugging her about getting her ears pierced. 

When her daughter was a baby, her stepmom told her she needed to pierce her ears so people would know she was a girl. As her daughter got older, her stepmom said she needed pierced ears so she wouldn’t be jealous of friends who already had theirs pierced.

Piman Khrutmuang – – illustrative purposes only

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