Her Sister Unexpectedly Dropped Off Her Niece To Be Babysat, But Later Insulted The Food She Fed Their Kids, Saying It Was “Gross” And Not “Real Dinner”

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Sometimes, when friends or family members are jealous of you, they will find any excuse to nitpick and insult you.

One woman recently got into a fight with her sister, who’s resented her for a few years, after she insulted the decent meal she gave their kids while babysitting for her.

She’s 30 and has two young sons. One is six, and the other is two-years-old. She has an older sister who is in her late 30s. Growing up, they had a decent relationship, but things changed when she got pregnant with her first son.

At the time, her sister was 30 and drastically struggling to have a baby. Her sister wanted a baby so badly and was jumping through several hoops to get pregnant. Then, she and her husband got pregnant without trying, which hurt her relationship with her sister, and everything between them changed.

“I think jealousy is what created the cracks that still exist in our relationship,” she explained.

“I was very aware of how painful it would be for my sister. She was actively trying to have a baby and had not been successful while I didn’t try or plan to have kids just yet, and a birth control failure resulted in an unplanned pregnancy for us.”

She tried to have several heart-to-heart conversations with her sister to level with her and let her know she understood how difficult everything had been for her. Still, her sister made it clear their relationship had changed because of her pregnancies.

She and her sister went from talking every day to hardly speaking, and things only got worse when she became pregnant with her second son. But then, thankfully, when her sister finally got pregnant with her daughter, things got better.

“We did a lot together when my youngest and niece were first born, and we talked about how they’d have play dates and how we could do fun outings with all three,” she said.

myviewpoint – – illustrative purposes only

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