Her Unemployed Boyfriend Dumped Her In A Text When She Tried To Talk To Him About His Finances

TIGERRAW - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is 33-years-old and is currently in a very stable spot in her life. She has started a solid career and is so financially stable that she was able to buy a large, brand-new three-bedroom semi-detached house.

Now, she does have two kids whom she has to provide for. Nonetheless, she has a nice job and good credit, and she is happy with where she is right now.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, couldn’t be in a more different situation. Apparently, he is 46-years-old, chronically unemployed for almost two years, and still lives in his father’s basement. Plus, he has been asking to move in with her at her new home!

To make matters worse, her boyfriend has four children with two of his exes. He also has horrible credit and a pile of unpaid credit card debt.

“And unpaid child support that resulted in the government asking him to return his passport,” she added.

She has tried to support her boyfriend as he’s looked for work to try and drag himself out of this financial hole. In fact, she even helped restructure his resume, but he still hasn’t found any jobs.

“My boyfriend doesn’t have a driver’s license, either, so he is going to be a burden on me when we eventually start living together,” she explained.

Additionally, he obviously may not be able to help pay any bills if he still doesn’t have a job when they move in together.

That’s why she is understandably getting pretty worried about the prospect of them living together. So, she decided to try to have an honest conversation with her boyfriend about his unemployment status, and it blew up in her face.

TIGERRAW – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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