His Sisters Think He Should Kick His Fiancée Out After He Caught Her Sending Steamy Messages To Her Married Ex

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Unfortunately, this 42-year-old man just found out that his 36-year-old fiancée has been sending steamy messages to her married ex-boyfriend through social media.

His fiancée dated her ex a decade ago, and the messages he discovered are completely heartbreaking.

His fiancée and her ex were discussing what they would like to do to one another, as well as diving into how great certain not-so-PG details from their past relationship were.

“Her ex was being the most forward and direct with his…comments, but my fiancée was very receptive and even acknowledged that she wanted to return those…actions,” he explained.

“I discovered this because his wife saw the messages on his phone, found out who the girl was (my fiancée), and saw that she was engaged to me on Facebook.”

“From there, she contacted me and shared everything with me. We both also discovered through their messages that they were planning a lunch meeting in a week. Although the lunch was scheduled for an hour (since my fiancée told him she needed to visit her sister), it was still arranged in secret. She even told him that she would be in Vegas in August to visit her mother.”

It was only yesterday that he found this all out and got photos of the evidence. While he does truly love his fiancée, seeing those messages between her and her ex smashed his heart into pieces.

Last night, he did confront his fiancée, and she instantly got defensive with him. She also claimed she was not going to cheat on him with her ex, even though the messages clearly state otherwise.

He then asked her if she had made plans to meet up with her ex, which she denied, so he caught her in yet another lie.

ViDi Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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