She Can’t Stop Thinking About A Guy She Had A Summer Fling With, And She Wants To Meet Up With Him For Closure Even Though She Has A Boyfriend - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In the summer of 2019, this 26-year-old woman met a 31-year-old man named Joe. They both were single back then, and they ended up seeing one another a couple of times.

She had a ton of fun with Joe and really liked being around him, but they did live over 300 miles away from one another.

Joe’s parents lived close to hers, and her sister lived near where Joe lived, so it wasn’t exactly all that difficult to make plans.

“We never officially dated, just had a “friends with benefits” kind of thing going on,” she explained.

“Commitment wasn’t really my thing back then. I moved to a different city, and I met my current boyfriend (M29) at the end of 2019.”

“Things have been good overall. But I can’t seem to shake thoughts of Joe. Despite being in a committed relationship for over four years, I cannot get him out of my mind. I feel like I have missed something with him. That may sound stupid as I have a good life with my boyfriend, but I can’t forget him.”

She is still in contact with her summer fling Joe. They occasionally talk for several days on end, only to go weeks without contact.

They both reach out to one another, and their conversations are always casual. This past summer, she was shocked to learn that Joe blocked her on everything.

She found it strange, and then in the middle of last month, he finally got in contact with her. They began speaking nearly every single day. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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