She Got Food Poisoning And Soiled The Bed In Her Sleep During The First Time Her College Boyfriend Spent The Night

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If you’ve had food poisoning, you know it’s the worst. Maybe you were at a friend’s house and violently threw up on their mom’s carpet.

Or maybe you spent all of Thanksgiving hugging the toilet bowl because a relative just had to try some new and trendy way of making turkey that left the bird severely undercooked. Either way, it doesn’t feel good when your food rebels against you.

TikToker Hannah Claire Blackwell (@hannah_hcb) is spilling the details about a horrifying incident that almost ruined a very fun and romantic weekend.

The first time her college boyfriend stayed the night at her place, she wound up soiling the bed after getting a case of food poisoning.

It was the year 2017, and she was just about to finish up her freshman year of college. She had also recently broken up with her high school boyfriend.

Throughout the spring semester, she had been gushing to her roommate about a cute guy in one of her classes. He had asked her to study with him a few times, but nothing ever happened until the end of the semester.

They ended up studying for their final exam alone together after the rest of their study group bailed on them.

They really hit it off and continued to text each other over the next couple of weeks. Since both of them lived in dorms, they made plans to spend a weekend together at Hannah’s friend’s house, where, in exchange, they would have to take care of her friend’s dog.

The first day went extremely well. When it came time to eat dinner, he wanted to get barbecue-style food.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only

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