She Told Her Husband To “Suck It Up” While Dealing With Kidney Stones Because He Said The Exact Same Thing To Her While She Was Giving Birth

Liubov Levytska - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A year ago, this 26-year-old woman gave birth to her first child, a son, whom she shared with her husband, 32. Unfortunately, her pregnancy was tough, and the pain she endured during labor was intense. Despite how painful it was, she chose to go with a natural birth.

“Due to the severe pain I couldn’t control, I was screaming and crying. My husband, who hadn’t slept the whole night, got agitated by it and said to me, ‘Just try to suck it up a bit instead of screaming like this,'” she said.

Her husband’s comment upset her, and she sobbed even more because of what he said. Several hours afterward, their son was born, and they moved forward. She didn’t think about what her husband said too much after the delivery.

Several days ago, her husband experienced intense stomach pain out of nowhere, and the pain kept getting worse. It got so bad that she took him to hospital. Once the doctor saw her husband, they were informed that he had kidney stones, which needed to be treated. The doctor gave her husband shots to lessen the pain he was in.

“Even during that, he was screaming at the top of his lungs. At that moment, I got petty, and since I was already fussy from sleeplessness due to taking care of a toddler, I said to my husband, ‘Can’t you just suck it up for a while? Why are you shouting so much?'” she explained.

Her comment stunned him, and he was silent after that. After they left the hospital and got home, her husband still wasn’t speaking to her. Later, she asked him about his silence, and he accused her of being inconsiderate and explained that she made him feel awful.

In response, she told him that she was only giving him the same treatment he gave her while she was in labor with their son and that she hadn’t been comparing their pain or stating that her pain was more intense than his.

This explanation didn’t pacify her husband. Instead, he rolled his eyes and made an annoyed face at her before telling her she was spiteful. According to him, he hadn’t told her to “suck it up” to hurt her feelings, unlike when she told him this when he was in pain from his kidney stones.

After their argument, she told him she was sorry for what she said. He told her she didn’t have to apologize because he wasn’t mad at her; he explained that she’d humiliated him, which was why he was upset. They had a long chat and resolved the issue, eventually finding it humorous. She decided to make a wonderful dinner for her husband since they’d been through a rough few days.

Liubov Levytska – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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