She’s Not Allowing A Special $10,000 Sapphire Ring In Her Family To Be Sold, Since It’s Part Of An Important Tradition

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This woman has an interesting tradition in her family that centers around a gorgeous $10,000 ring made of white gold and an emerald-cut sapphire.

Originally, this ring was owned by her sister’s best friend, Ringo. Ringo got the ring as a gift from her awful boyfriend after he cheated on her.

The ring was his apology to her for the affair, and Ringo ended up keeping the ring yet dumping her boyfriend.

The next man Ringo began dating absolutely hated the sapphire ring with a passion. So, Ringo told her boyfriend that if he was willing to purchase an even more expensive ring for her to wear, she would ditch the sapphire ring.

When Ringo’s boyfriend proposed to her, he instantly asked Ringo if she could finally let go of the sapphire ring, and Ringo agreed.

“Ringo didn’t want to sell it; she couldn’t keep it, so she decided to make a new tradition,” she explained.

“She decided the ring is for unmarried women to enjoy their bachelorette years with a little extra flair and to bring joy to the experience of the ring. However, when you get engaged, you have to pass it on to the next bachelorette.”

“She passed it to my sister, who passed it to me, who passed it to my cousin Samwise. Each time we passed the ring on, all the sisterhood who had worn it got together and made the next recipient in the chain wear a stack of all the rings (the ring, the wedding bands, and engagement rings) and vow to live her best single life.”

Samwise is getting married soon, so she needs to pass along the ring in line with their family tradition.

Levon – – illustrative purposes only

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