She Went On A Date So Bad That She Removed Herself From The Dating Scene For A Whole Year

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Being on every dating app isn’t always the most effective strategy to find love. Sometimes, going on a hiatus can be more productive, giving you time to focus on yourself and learn from your mistakes.

TikToker Jacy Erin (@jacyerin_) is discussing what happened on a first date that was so bad it made her remove herself from the dating scene for a whole year.

So, she matched with a guy on a dating app, and they made plans to meet up for dinner. Right away, his red flags made an appearance.

He was rude to the server, mansplained how to make a specific drink, and sent back his steak for being too well done.

He also didn’t ask Jacy a single question about herself, and he didn’t tip the server, which was the absolute last straw for her.

He seemed to sense that he would not be getting the opportunity to go on a second date with her.

As they left the restaurant, he made a horrid proposition in an attempt to get something out of a bad date.

He asked Jacy if she wanted to hook up in the bathroom. Back then, she was younger and not as assertive, so she came up with an excuse that it was her time of the month instead of telling him no outright.

He told her that the “back door” was there for a reason. Jacy turned him down and walked away. She could not believe what that man had said to her, and she wished she had been bold enough to slap him across the face.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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