She’s Been Casually Seeing A Guy Who Asked For A Pair Of $280 Shoes As A Birthday Gift, But She Thinks That’s Just Way Too Expensive

Julia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, when you’re in a more casual relationship with someone and aren’t officially partners, the technicalities of gift-giving can be a bit complicated.

One woman is feeling overwhelmed after the guy she’s been casually dating and getting expensive gifts from asked her for a $280 pair of shoes for his birthday.

She and this guy have been in a casual relationship for nine months. They haven’t been dating exclusively or labeled themselves as a couple, especially because they live in different states. He lives in her home state, so she usually sees him once a month when she visits her parents. So far, he’s visited her once, but they talk daily.

He’s quick to pay for most of their outings whenever they go out in person, but she’s also pitched in. However, his generosity hasn’t stopped there.

“He’s been very generous with me,” she said.

“He gifted me AirPods randomly. We exchanged Christmas gifts [and] both got each other cologne [and] perfume. For Valentine’s Day, we weren’t able to see each other, but he sent me money for nails, flowers, and a teddy bear and bought me an expensive purse. His birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I asked him what he wanted. He told me he wanted some shoes [that] are about $280.”

She had to tell him the shoes were out of her budget. She has multiple relatives with birthdays the same few weeks as his and can’t spend hundreds of dollars on everyone’s gifts, especially his, as he’s not even her official boyfriend.

Plus, she feels the shoes are outrageously expensive in general and can’t fathom spending that much money on them. She would rather spend around $100-$150 on his birthday gift.

“He got upset with me and said he’s really hurt I won’t get him the only thing he asked for,” she explained.

Julia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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