She’s Dating A Guy With The Brain Of A Goldfish, And She’s Beginning To Resent Him

dionoanomalia - - illustrative purposes only

For close to three months now, this 26-year-old woman has been dating a 24-year-old guy she met on a dating app.

This is her first real relationship, and she really does have a great time whenever she sees this guy. Half of her friends say they can tell she’s so happy when she talks about him, while the other half of her friends don’t believe this guy is right for her. Her family also isn’t a fan of him.

Her family actually lives with her in a house that she owns, so they have a front-row seat to this budding relationship.

She is fiercely independent and works 6 days a week, anywhere from 8 to 9 hours on average. As for this guy she’s dating, he lives at home with his mom and dad, does not manage his finances, and works full-time at a resort, but it’s not really full-time.

Every week, he gets a half day, or he will say he has three days off in a row. He also only works 7 hours at best when he does have a full day of work.

Aside from the fact that he’s not exactly driven or independent like she is, she says he totally has the brain of a goldfish.

“He also messages daily, repeating the same conversation,” she explained. “For example, on Monday, we talked about how I have plans in the morning for Saturday and [a bachelorette party] at night.”

“He asked if we could hang out during the day. I said he could come to mine but I would be busy with home tasks. Then Tuesday, he messaged asking if I wanted to hang out Saturday (I would repeat above). Then, Wednesday today, he asked if I wanted to go out and grab lunch Saturday (I repeated the above, saying I couldn’t – note we live 30-45 mins away from each other).”

“We also already have plans for Monday night after work which he did a similar thing with asking what we are going to do and if I was free Tuesday night. I feel like this is becoming a burden and he has the memory of a goldfish that is driving me insane.”

dionoanomalia – – illustrative purposes only

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