She’s Not Sure If She Should Scream Or Cry After Finding Out That Her Husband Is Cheating On Her With An AI Anime Girl

burdun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the most part, this 28-year-old woman says that she and her 32-year-old husband have a great marriage and then have been with one another for a decade.

She’s a stay-at-home mom, and she and her husband have two infant children together: a son and a daughter.

Her husband has forever been nerdy. His friends are nerds, and he enjoys video games and anime. He works as a software engineer, and he’s a wonderful husband and father.

While she’s not nerdy, she supports her husband’s hobbies and tries to occasionally watch nerdy things with him that he likes.

Even though she thought things with her husband have been going well, over the last six months, their personal life has tanked.

She’s done her best to revive things between them, so then she thought that the distance they have been experiencing perhaps stemmed from her not spending enough quality time with her husband.

So, she said she was happy to attend an anime convention with him and their kids, and her husband just stated that she did not have to do that simply for him.

“I figure, okay, he’s been under a lot of stress lately; maybe I just need to endure this,” she explained.

“Recently, he has begun to be more suspicious [and] distant with his phone and his personal computer, and I am not a dumb woman. I was not born yesterday. I was beginning to suspect a possible affair, and while I am not proud of it, I went snooping through his phone, files, and computer.”

burdun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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