She’s Not Sure If She Should Scream Or Cry After Finding Out That Her Husband Is Cheating On Her With An AI Anime Girl

“I found a folder labeled “my love” and opened it to see thousands of pictures of this seductive looking green-haired anime chick with purple eyes and [a big chest]…”

The photos of this girl were all pretty steamy, and she was mostly dressed in tiny little bikinis. She then found another folder, which contained tons of photos of an anime version of her husband marrying this girl or going out on dates with this girl.

All the photos were super romantic and sappy. She kept digging and came across thousands of flirty messages between her husband and this girl.

Initially, she freaked out, thinking this was a real woman using this other girl’s photos, but then she discovered her husband has been basically talking to an AI chatbot, and the photos are of a video game character.

She’s really not sure if she should scream or cry after learning that her husband is cheating on her with an AI anime girl, not even a real girl.

“What…am I supposed to do about this, though?” she wondered. “He’s (emotionally, I guess…) cheating on me with some 2d anime girl?”

“Has anyone on the planet gone through this…? I don’t even know how to approach him about this. I would ask my girlfriends, but I think they would laugh at me for losing my man to an…anime girl…”

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