She’s Ready To Retire From Dating After Going Out With A Guy In NYC Who Not Only Assumed She Was Footing The Bill For Their Entire Dinner But Also Left Her To Travel Home Alone At Night

antgor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

After a series of bad dates, many women long to leave the world of dating behind and treat themselves to a respite from the endless cycle of disappointment.

However, one woman is more ready for it than most. TikToker Vanessa (@vanecancio) lives in New York City, and she’s talking about an experience that has made her want to retire from dating.

She went out to dinner with a guy she had been talking to for a while. The moment she walked into the restaurant and laid eyes on him in person, she knew instantly that the vibes were off and that it wouldn’t work out with him.

She still decided to give the guy a chance and proceed with their plans. The date wasn’t terrible, but she did run out of topics to talk about. They had ordered their food a little late into the night, so they spent some time sipping on their drinks and chatting.

When the food finally arrived, Vanessa didn’t eat much. The night had gotten really late, and she didn’t have much of an appetite.

After they received their food, her date kept saying he wanted some chicken, so she encouraged him to order it. When they got the chicken, she saw it was a full meal that they wouldn’t be able to finish, especially since she wasn’t hungry.

At that point, she was ready for the server to bring over their check. Finally, the check came, and he just let it sit on the table for a while. Vanessa couldn’t stand waiting any longer, so she took out her credit card and put it down, thinking that he would add his card as well. Instead, he grabbed the check and asked if she was sure she didn’t want them to split it.

She clarified that she had meant for them to split the bill all along. He was also the one who had eaten most of the food, and he was taking most of the leftovers home.

His assumption that she would be paying for their entire dinner baffled her. Her belief was that since the dinner date had been his idea in the first place, he really should be the one footing the bill.

antgor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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