Her Boyfriend Comes Over And Eats All Of Her Snacks, Which Stresses Her Out Since She Can’t Afford It - - illustrative purposes only

Two years ago, this 27-year-old woman started dating her boyfriend, who’s the same age that she is.

They have a lot of fun in their relationship and an excellent connection overall. Now, she lives all on her own and has to pay for all of her bills.

She’s currently in college, so she has to study a lot, but she manages to work a job that’s full-time. As for her boyfriend, he has it relatively easy.

“He lives with his mom and stepfather… he pays for his car insurance and phone bill,” she explained.

“He often is in between jobs, and sometimes it’s his fault for being inconsistent. His drive and ambition are zero to none. I’ve tried to help motivate him, but at a certain point, that’s not my job.”

“Last week, I went grocery shopping with him for dinner; he said he was going to send me $15 but never did. Then, he eats all of the chips we bought.”

Then, this week, he came over again, but he ate all of her snacks that she had in the house. She has pointed out to her boyfriend to please be considerate of what he eats in her home, as she doesn’t have extra money to buy more things for him to enjoy.

Her boyfriend never offers to replace what he eats, and he also does not say he will give her money to buy new snacks.

He also complains that she nags him when she does try to address the snack issue with him, but it honestly stresses her out so much that he continues doing this. – – illustrative purposes only

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