His Wife Bought Him A Puppy That They Were Forced To Rehome, But Now She’s Angry At Him

MWolf Images - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual puppy

This man and his wife both have jobs that allow them to work from home. His wife has always wanted to get a dog, and he mentioned to her that they simply don’t have the time to invest in one.

His wife kept bothering him until he caved and agreed to allow her to have a dog. They took a lot of time looking into different rescues, and they found one that had a few dogs that fit the bill of what they were trying to find.

Basically, they wanted an adult dog on the small side that didn’t require more exercise than a few brief daily walks.

The rescue they reached out to came to their home to do a visit and approve them to adopt one of their dogs. The process took so long that his wife got fed up.

“During that time, my wife found a farm that had working Blue Heeler x Border Collie pups,” he explained.

“She got me one for my birthday. I had one just like her when I lived at home with my parents. She is a beautiful puppy, but not in any way what we agreed on. We live in an apartment with no yard. My parents have an acre. I am very busy.”

“I do not have time for all the training and exercise that she needs. I told my wife thanks but no thanks. She refused to listen to me.”

He ultimately decided to not bond with his puppy, and he didn’t even pick out a name for her. He mentioned to his wife that he would walk the puppy for an hour every day and feed the puppy, but nothing more.

His wife had to be responsible for everything above and beyond what he said he was willing to do for their pet in the first place.

MWolf Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual puppy

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