Her Husband Hates Working, But Has Expensive Taste, And He’s Pushing Her To Finish Writing Her Book Since He Thinks They’ll Get Rich Quick

Maksym Azovtsev - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman admits that she’s an introverted nerd who treasures her time alone. She likes to study, write, or read when she’s all by herself.

She thinks there’s something to be said about opposites attracting because her husband couldn’t be more different than she is.

Her husband’s friends refer to him as a “Golden Retriever,” and he can socialize all day every day without getting burned out.

He actually gets depressed if he has to skip out on any social events. He jumps from one thing to the next, doesn’t ever think too much about anything, and is always incredibly happy.

“It might seem weird, but our differences are the reason why we make each other happy: I have a tendency to retreat, overthink, and isolate, and he enthusiastically nudges me (exactly like a very affectionate dog would) to go out, visit new places, have fun, socialize with him and friends,” she explained.

“I am five years older than he is (he is 26, I am 31), and he always says he admires my wisdom and the way I am more thoughtful and mature than he is. He plays video games with his friends in the evenings, which leaves me with plenty of time to read and write.”

“I am currently writing a book, and I want to be a full-time writer very badly. He is finishing his Ph.D. and working a minimum-wage job on the side to make ends meet.”

While she values her career aspirations, her husband absolutely hates having to work, and he hates being in academia too.

His family is comprised of a long line of well-accomplished academics, so he simply chose that path for himself in order to make his parents feel proud of him.

Maksym Azovtsev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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