She Got Into A Fight With Her Boyfriend’s Mom After She Said She Would Feel Sad If She Marries Her Son

deineka - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Six years ago, this 25-year-old girl started dating her 27-year-old boyfriend, and they are talking about getting married within the next two or three years.

Her boyfriend is really close to his family, and that’s one of the things that caused her to fall in love with him in the first place.

The only problem is that she says her boyfriend is completely a mama’s boy. Her boyfriend thinks that since his mom and dad raised him, he needs to show them respect as a form of paying them back for everything they have done for him.

Her boyfriend’s version of showing his mom and dad respect is doing every single little thing that they say or desire.

“His parents and I have crossed paths over the years, and on most of these occasions, his parents have made off-handed comments about my physical appearance, my career, and “how I have changed their son,” she explained.

“When something goes wrong in their son’s life, they are quick to blame me as the reason for his downfall even if I had no involvement in that aspect of his life.”

“Since my partner and I are seriously thinking about marriage, we have been meeting up with his parents and my parents more often. During one of the dinners with his parents, my potential future MIL said she would be sad if I marry her son because she does not think she and I have a close relationship.”

She was completely shocked by what her boyfriend’s mom said, and she fell silent for a few minutes.

Her boyfriend’s mom then questioned her about whether or not she’s in agreement with the fact that their relationship isn’t great.

deineka – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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