She Slept With Another Guy After The Man She Thought Was Her Boyfriend Said They Weren’t Actually A Couple And Broke Her Heart

Dmitry Bairachnyi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has been dating a guy for the last year and always assumed they were in a committed relationship. He told her he loved her, and she said it back. They hang out together every weekend and are about to take their first vacation together.

Last weekend, her boyfriend was at her place, and she made him pancakes for breakfast in bed. She wanted to do something special for him since his birthday was last Tuesday. He was thrilled and quipped that she was “spoiling” him.

“I said that I wanted to spoil my man. He said, ‘I am not your man’ with the same energy. He didn’t seem awkward or embarrassed, just calm with a smile on his stupid face. I didn’t take it seriously and said, ‘Yeah, I know you are not my man.’ He was more serious now and said, ‘No, really, I am not your boyfriend,'” she said.

She was stunned and felt sick to her stomach, but she didn’t want to panic. She questioned what their relationship was, and he told her he had no idea. It seemed like he was insinuating that they were friends with benefits.

She didn’t respond, and he ate the pancakes she’d made him without a word. Afterward, he asked if they could hang out for the rest of the day, but he told him she needed to clean and do some paperwork.

An hour later, he left, and she was so upset she threw up and sobbed for two hours straight. She was nauseous for the remainder of the day. That night, he texted her to say thank for the pancakes, adding that she was “‘amazing.” She didn’t respond, and he called her several times, but she didn’t pick up the phone. At about 10 p.m., he showed up at her place to check on her.

“I just opened the door a bit and pretended I was sick with the flu and was going to bed. He offered to stay the night in case I needed help during the night, and I said no,” she explained.

She didn’t respond to his messages on Sunday or Monday and never told him “Happy Birthday” on Tuesday. Since then, she was short in her responses to him, still pretending to have the flu. He never mentioned his previous comments about how he didn’t consider their relationship serious.

Two days ago, he texted her, saying he “missed” her and that this was the longest they’d gone without speaking, which made him angry. He asked if they could get dinner together, but she told him she was too busy.

Dmitry Bairachnyi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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