She’s Furious At Her Boyfriend For Ruining Their Vacation Because His Passport Was Expired, So Now She Wants Him To Pay For Any Accommodations That Couldn’t Get Cancelled

teksomolika - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman and her long-distance boyfriend of three years, who is 28, have been planning a trip to Mexico City for months. Well, she’s actually done pretty much all of the planning.

Apparently, she just speaks better Spanish and has traveled there before, while her boyfriend hasn’t. Still, back in December, they both agreed to take a trip in March for her birthday.

So, she has done everything from picking out restaurants, making reservations for special meals, and booking museum tickets to getting their flights and hotel stays situated. In other words, she did most of the legwork.

“He mostly has asked a friend for recommendations and we’ve chosen some touristy things to do from that list, plus Venmo-ing me for his half of the accommodations and flights,” she said.

Regardless, their vacation was set, and she couldn’t have been more excited. Then, just two days before they were supposed to leave, her boyfriend called her with some terrible news – his passport was expired.

For some context, her boyfriend had left his passport at his parent’s house, which is two hours away from his home. He also only visits his parents once or twice a month, so he didn’t bother to grab or check his passport leading up to their trip.

“I am, of course, devastated, and so is he,” she recalled.

Her boyfriend also tried to call the “passport people,” she did the same, and even her mom started researching other options. But unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing they could do, and his passport couldn’t get renewed in time.

This has essentially ruined their entire trip, and she couldn’t be more upset about it.

teksomolika – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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