She’s Sharing The Single Best Breakup Text You Can Send A Ghoster To Come Out On Top Looking Cool, Calm, Collected, And In Control

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As someone who has been ghosted by guys before, guys who I never suspected would’ve cut me off out of the blue, I know how difficult it is to know what to do the moment you realize it’s happened.

When someone you were really into turns into a ghost and stops replying to your messages or maybe even goes as far as not showing up to date without a word, it can be devastating.

Other than sad, stressful, and infuriating, ghosting can also confuse you. Why? Because you don’t know how to respond to a ghost, and there are always people telling you the “wrong” and “right” way to react to being ghosted.

Some people will tell you to ignore it and not say anything; others will tell you to blow up their phones with angry texts, etc.

Thankfully, Charlotte (@welcometothepeasantparty), a hilarious TikTok creator who makes helpful dating content via slideshows, has shown her viewers the perfect single text message to send a ghoster that will leave you looking calm, cool, collected, and on top.

Charlotte W is a super funny creator and gives amazing, real, and blunt dating advice through her videos, which often contain slideshows full of diagrams and bullet points.

In one of her recent videos, Charlotte responded to a TikTok user who said “calling out” someone who ghosts you is a “waste of time.”

“I am anti-call out; I am pro-sending one message,” says Charlotte in her video. Charlotte then goes to her slideshow, where she explains there are two types of ghosting. One is straight-up ghosting, where a person stops communicating with you to end the relationship and avoid confrontation.

The other form is sometimes called “zombie-ing” or “submarining,” where someone will pause communication and only reach out to you when it’s convenient to them, as they don’t want the relationship to get serious when they’re not ready. Either way, both forms are selfish and major red flags.

pressmaster – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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