Her Friend Lied About Cheating On Her Boyfriend, So She Took It Upon Herself To Tell Him The Truth

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While many people believe you’re supposed to always stand up for your friends and ‘side’ with them when they’re having issues with their partner, sometimes, you realize that your friend is the one causing the issues and must do something about it.

One young woman recently revealed the full story of how her best friend cheated on her boyfriend on the phone with him, and now she’s wondering if she was a bad person for exposing her friend’s secret.

She’s 25 and has been very close with her 24-year-old friend since 2019. They had been through a lot together and used to spend so much time together. Unfortunately, over the last year or two, she’s felt their friendship slowly fading away, as her friend hasn’t been very loyal or attentive, bailing on their plans and only calling when she needs something.

Their relationship truly shifted after a night out in 2021 that affected their friendship and her friend’s relationship with her boyfriend.

One night, in 2021, while she was single and her friend was dating her boyfriend, they had a late night on the town that ended in an apartment that belonged to two other guys, neither of which was her friend’s boyfriend.

“It was about 4:00 am, and we [were] still drinking and just messing around listening to music,” she said.

“One of the guys ended up just going to bed, so I figured it’s probably time to head out. I go to the bathroom quickly before we leave; I come out, and my friend and the other guy are gone. [I thought], ‘I’ll just call her and see where she went.’ Her phone was on the counter. I [was] in an apartment I’d never been to, [and] I had no clue where they could’ve [gone], so I started wandering.”

After walking around the apartment, she clearly heard her friend fooling around with the other guy in another room. Upset and freaked out, she left the apartment and sat in her car outside until her friend returned. Her friend cried over her messiness and, days later, called her and revealed she told her boyfriend about the incident.

Her friend and boyfriend stayed together despite what happened and said they would work it out. Little did she know that her friend had not told her boyfriend everything about that night.

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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