She Dumped Her Boyfriend After He Freaked Out On Her For Making Her Son Something Else To Eat For Dinner - - illustrative purposes only

A few evenings ago, this woman’s boyfriend invited her and her 12-year-old son over to his house for dinner, and he said he was going to make them food.

He’s actually a great cook, but the pizza he whipped up for them that night had a crust that was so hard it was really difficult to eat.

Her son spoke up and mentioned he can’t eat the pizza since it was hard as a rock, and she didn’t disagree when she took a bite. It was so hard that you could hear it make a sound as it hit the plate.

She was concerned about cracking the wires on her braces, so she said to her boyfriend she could order them takeout.

Her boyfriend declined and pointed out that they had a “perfectly fine pizza” for dinner, so there was no need for another option.

After a bit of time, she picked some pasta out of her boyfriend’s pantry and started making it for her and her son. Her boyfriend noticed and stated that he hopes they both eat the entire pot of pasta.

“I ignored him, and then he said it again,” she explained. “I flipped out on him I said I’m not going to make my son eat something he doesn’t want to! And I can’t eat it with my braces.”

“He told me I’m spoiled, and when he was growing up, we had to eat everything on the table, and he thinks I’m spoiling my child. At this point, I just told my kid let’s go home. We went home, and I made him food.”

“This wasn’t the only situation. I also tried to grab some juice from the fridge, and he said that’s my juice. I am beyond appalled. I brought over steaks a few days ago and always bring over food. I told him I would never treat him like this when he comes over. He always thinks I spoil my kid too much and baby him.” – – illustrative purposes only

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