He Hooked Up With His Late Brother’s Wife, So Now He Feels Guilty And Like He’s Betrayed His Brother’s Memory

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One year ago, this 25-year-old man sadly lost his older, 35-year-old brother – who died due to a drunk driver. In the wake of his passing, his brother also left behind his wife and young daughter, Lily.

“Losing him has been incredibly hard on all of us, and I’ve been doing my best to support his wife and daughter through this tough time,” he explained.

“I go over frequently to help with their kid, trying to ease some of the burdens and be there for them however I can.”

But, over the past year of helping out his late brother’s family, he has become increasingly close with his late brother’s wife. They have since shared numerous late-night conversations, providing each other with support, reminiscing about his brother, and coping with their shared grief.

Then, after they both put Lily to bed one evening, things progressed further for the very first time.

It all began when he and his late brother’s wife were sitting on the couch, discussing all of the great times they had with his brother.

“The mood was heavy with emotion, and in a moment of vulnerability, she kissed me,” he recalled.

He was completely shocked and realizes now that he should have immediately put a stop to it. But he didn’t, and the situation only escalated – with him and his late brother’s wife hooking up that night.

Then, as soon as the deed was done, a wave of guilt hit him, and he felt like he had seriously betrayed his brother’s memory.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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