He Rejected His Teen Daughter’s Gift On Father’s Day Because She Kept His Ex-Wife’s Affair A Secret From Him For Months

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For some people, holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are joyous occasions celebrating love, family, and unity. But, for parents and children who are in tougher situations, these holidays present more upset and sadness than anything.

This 41-year-old man grappled with the latter this past weekend on Father’s Day. For some context, he and his ex-wife – who is 40 – have been divorced for about a year now. The reason they split? His ex had an affair.

Then, one year after his ex began cheating on him, she actually confessed before proceeding to move in with her affair partner. So, they got divorced, and later, his ex and her affair partner tied the knot.

“I was pretty distraught with the whole thing,” he recalled.

He and his ex-wife were not the only affected parties, either. They also had a daughter together – who is now 17 years old. According to him, his daughter was even aware of his ex cheating on him for months.

His daughter never told him about the infidelity, though. Rather, she claimed that she hid her mom’s secret for so long because she didn’t want to ruin their family. And while that might have been understandable, especially for a teenager, he couldn’t help but feel betrayed.

“It really hurt me that she hid it from me for so long,” he admitted, “But I moved on.”

To this day, his daughter has continued apologizing for lying to him as well. He’s always just told her that it was “alright.”

But, on Father’s Day, it became clear that he actually felt differently. It all began when his daughter approached him on the holiday and tried to give him both a handwritten letter and a gift.

FornStudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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